Our Sweet Story



Founder, Yasmeen Tadia, is a 31 year-old single mother, with over 10 years of Human Resources and Business Management experience.  In her last role, she was the Corporate Director of Human Resources for the largest hotel management company in New York City, where she managed hotels all over the world from an HR perspective.  

Yasmeen's love for popcorn stems from her childhood memories of South Africa, where popcorn was freshly popped and uniquely flavored for each customer.  Innovation has been the stem of all of Yasmeen's entrepreneurial endeavors, which is what lead her to creatively come up with HotPoppin™.  

In addition to HotPoppin™, Yasmeen also owns Fluffpop Gourmet Cotton Candy™, HR Evolved™, and Random Acts of Sweetness®. 

Like many working moms, Yasmeen has to balance the importance of being successful at work, but also being the best mother she can be to her little boy.  When at home, she attempts to be the "CEO of Fun" for her bundle of joy by trying to celebrate every moment they share together.